Traditional Abdominal Massage Certificate

Traditional Abdominal Massage (Certificate)


Abdominal Massage can be done either through the clothing, or directly on the belly, using oils or hot compress.

This course is a lovely opportunity to get in touch with the core of ourselves, to explore the belly and how to massage it deeply but safely & gently, with the due respect deserved by one of our most personal and powerful body areas. We will learn touch techniques to perform both on ourselves and on others, through the clothing and also directly on skin using oils or compresses. 

The 2 day course is based on the principles of abdominal massage that reach back to ancient Taoist traditions. Focusing on the abdominal organs it is a deeply relaxing and restoring treatment that can aid the digestive, reproductive and eliminatory systems, as well as promoting a sense of peace, calm and wellbeing.

Next Glasgow course Saturdays 3rd and 17th March 2018. This course is a stand alone training, and also a module on the Traditional Thai Therapies Certificate Course.

Held at In The Moment, 72 Berkeley Street, Charing Cross, Glasgow, G3 7DS near Glasgow City Centre.

Suitable for all levels of experience from beginner to professional massage therapist. This course is a module on the Traditional Thai Therapies Certificate

Cost: £155 per person or only £280 for two booking together. 


“I feel so satisfied and nourished, enriched and better educated on a personal and professional level. Wonderful course, wonderful teacher. Thank You!” Rona, Acupuncturist.

“The theory and practical were very interesting and offered a different perspective on health/self care and self worth”

“A truly wonderful way to deepen understanding of yourself and learn to look after yourself, giving your body more respect and appreciation”

More about Abdominal Massage: 

Known also as Hara Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, and Ampuku, there is no clear delineation between the traditional styles in Asia, for example Thai, Chinese, Japanese, or other Asian styles. Each borrows from the other so that it is hard to define which is which! 

The belly is a revered centre of personal energy in Buddhist cultures, we only need to see the likenesses of Buddha and his sometimes enormous belly to get an isight into this! Martial artists are familiar with ‘coming from the hara’ – awareness of the ‘Dan Tien’ or ‘One Point’ area. This is what eastern martial disciplines rely upon for effectiveness. It is the centre of our energy from where our instinctive responses stem, a place where we connect to ourselves, away from the chatter of the mind. 

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